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White Cedar Health Care Centre provides customized holistic treatment services to help First Nations people recover from opioid addictions and their harmful effects.

The Centre that is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, delivers an alternative program of care that brings modern medicine together with traditional healing to restore and maintain personal, family and community health. Every White Cedar Health Care Centre offers a culturally respectful environment that nurtures the total health and wellness of the individual for life. The centre provides both addiction treatment and family practice care to First Nations patients. 

White Cedar Pharmacy supplies quality medicines and pharmaceutical services to Northern Ontario First Nations. Its services are the `natural` choice of First Nations people and communities because they are designed specifically for their unique cultural, social and geographic needs.

White Cedar First Nations Pharmacy, located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, ensures patient access to medicines where there are no pharmacy services. They accomplish this by working cooperatively with each individual First Nation to improve direct medication supply, quality and distribution for their community members.